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Natural Prosperity uses only estate-grown 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee that comes directly from the farmer to you.  We are also a member of the Kona Coffee Farmer's Association, which is dedicated to maintaining Kona Coffee's prestigious reputation as one of the word's finest gourmet coffees.

Here are a few reasons why Kona coffee is special:

1.  The climate in the Kona region of Hawaii is excellent for growing gourmet quality coffee.

2.  Genetics.  Kona Coffee is of the "Arabica" species, a superior species of coffee.

3.  Kona coffee is typically hand-picked, due to the random ripening of the coffee cherries on the tree.  Also, the terrain in Hawaii can be very rocky, making mechanized picking impractical.  This hand-picking happens to provide excellent quality control.

4.  100% Hawaiian Kona coffee is grown in the USA.  Buying 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee supports America's economy.

5.  Kona coffee tastes great!

*** If you enjoy REAL Kona coffee, never settle for anything less than 100% Kona coffee.  Some imitations exist that are labeled as: "10% Kona coffee blends."  For more information on 10% Kona coffee blends, please read this article written by the Kona Coffee Farmer's Association.  The full text and more Kona coffee facts can be found here on their website.  Natural Prosperity Coffee uses only 100% Kona coffee.
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